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We believe in the power of architecture to improve our living environments and quality of life. We get to know our clients, we study their businesses and lives in order to add value to their projects. We see design as a collaborative process that we work through together with our clients. We are fascinated in the crafts of building.

We believe in sustainable design. We experiment with new building materials and systems and work together with the best consultants to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. 

We believe that exploration, variety and change are essential to developing interesting designs. We travel and work on projects internationally, learning crafts, methods and ideas through building projects.

As an example, we are proud to be the architects behind Swedens first housing project, according to the "Open-building"  theory wich aims to improve sustainabiliy through flexibility and encourages inclusion for future inhabitants.

Johan Berg Arkitekter is a Stockholm based practice established in 2012. We work predominantly with housing projects, internationally, with clients in Sweden, Norway, England, Holland & France.

Johan Berg, Arkitekt SAR MSA, studied architecture in Lund University (LTH), Politecnico di Milano and Royal College of Fine Arts (KKH) in Stockholm. He has prior experience from Wingårdhs and from teaching architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. He also have been lecturing frequently at CTH-A and LTU.

Photo credits: 

Johan Eldrot

Victor Johansson

Rasmus Norlander

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